Illustration for article titled The Worst American Sportswriting By Paul Maidment

“How dumb-ass are you...”

“Just plain awkward.”

“Coverage sucked. Play call sucked. Clock management sucked.”

“...they even managed to screw up salvaging the game by throwing to the receiver with double coverage not the open one.”


“But it was not until this morning that the organization cut him.”

“Not a sentence anyone has been able to utter since Week 14 of last season.”

“Fins’ fans enjoy the day.”

“The hard streets of New York City’s five boroughs are no place for marathon world records, let alone an attempt at a sub-2-hour marathon that can make it into the official record books.”


“Except to aurally challenged son Eric.”

“The tragedy went down like this.”

“Bull. Shit.”

“As for the Lions, they slink off with their tails between their legs, back to Blighty, Bonking Boris Johnson and the Brexit balls-up.”


“But then Derrick’s truth reared its ugly head.”

“Michigan is polling as a swing state.”

“Regardless, South Africa’s sport remains as divided as its society over race.”


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